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Mama's One Sauce

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Mama’s One Sauce, from The Mama Company of New York, is a condiment for all foods, flavored by the culture of Harlem. Harlem is rich with good music, good food, and good times. This sauce is perfect for any dish, made for all foods. All in the heart of Harlem.

As a brand new division of Mama Company, Mama’s One Sauce has performed beyond expectations, with all three flavors consistently being top sellers in Whole Foods Market Harlem. Its instant success benefits more than just its own company, but also the sister not-for-profit organization, Mama Foundation for the Arts. A portion of proceeds from all sales of Mama’s One Sauce go directly into the Mama Foundation.

The Mama Foundation is a theater arts and music education company in Harlem. Dedicated to presenting, preserving and promoting the history and culture of gospel, jazz and R&B. Its most popular program, Gospel for Teens & The School of Gospel, Jazz, and R&B Arts, offers free music education to young people ages 11-19. The portion of proceeds shared from Mama’s One Sauce help keep this music education free for all 250+ students.