Humberto Guallpa

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Row House

Growing up in rural Ecuador, Humberto and his family managed a small farm of vegetables and livestock for the sole purpose of feeding the family. With the exclusion of rice and salt all the family’s ingredients were home grown. This future chef displayed his intense interest in the culinary arts by assisting his grandmother in the kitchen and learning everything he possibly could about the preparation of healthy and balanced meals.

Humberto has worked and perfected his craft alongside many of New York’s top rated chefs including Mario Batali, Marco Polo, Paul Zweben, Larry Forgione, Marcus Samuelson, Rocco Dispirito, Julian Alonzo, Franklin Becker and Steve Frapoli. Chef Humberto’s unique style can be generally described as French but is greatly influenced by his eclectic knowledge and Spanish culture creating an extraordinary French American Bistro.