Betty Campbell-Adams

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Lloyd's Carrot Cake

Lloyd’s Carrot Cake is the venerable boutique bakery that was started thirty-five years ago by the now deceased, Lloyd Adams. Over the years, the company has developed quite a following, has received tremendous notoriety and, has garnered great reviews for its famous carrot cake.

The company is now run by Mr. Adams’ widow, Betty Campbell-Adams; with assistance from their two children, Lilka and Brandon Adams. She began running the company immediately following her husband’s death in 2007. The company now has two locations, East Harlem and The Bronx.

Ms. Campbell-Adams continues to expand on the strategies, started by her husband, to make Lloyd’s Carrot Cake a widely distributed product, and a recognized brand. In addition to restaurants and coffee shops, Ms. Campbell-Adams has developed a network of new outlets for the Lloyd’s products, including supermarkets and specialty shops.

New York Magazine rates the carrot cake at Lloyd’s as one of their critic’s favorite. And, Time Out New York selected it as one of the top six desserts in New York City. The Daily News has labeled it as “24 Carrot Good”. Lloyd's Carrot Cake has been featured on The Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” and Crain’s New York Business’- “My New York Story”. Lloyd’s Carrot Cake was the winner of the 2014 “Dessert Challenge.”

Ms. Campbell-Adams is a cable industry veteran. Prior to taking over the family business, she was the Director of Marketing for Time Warner Cable of NY where she was responsible for developing and implementing strategies for the company’s Video-On-Demand and Pay-Per-View business.

Ms. Campbell-Adams is an ardent supporter of local organizations. She sits on the board of CWOP (Child Welfare Organizing Project), whose mission is to change and improve the quality of services provided to families affected by NYC’s child protection system. She is also a board member of Wild Metro, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting wild life in the New York Metro area, and KRVC Development Corporation, an organization supporting local initiatives that build and enrich communities. In May 2017, in Albany, she was given the Business Woman of the Year Award.