Lady Lexis Sweets

Harlem EatUp! Lady Lexis Sweets

Dr. Sharon Gonzalez & Lexis Dilligard

Lady Lexis Sweets is a mother and daughter confection shop. Lexis was always a fan of making desserts. Throughout her years at school she was always the resident sweet preparer. While studying in college Lexis decided to switch majors and study Culinary Arts at Kingsborough Community College. At 23 years old Pastry Chef Lexis began creating unique sweets and selling her products at local fairs. Consumers took a liking to her sweets and a year later the dream became a reality. Founders Lexis Dilligard and her mother Sharon Gonzalez, Ph.D were both born and raised in the East Harlem area and created Lady Lexis Sweets on the premise of bringing a much needed confectionary shop full of childhood memories that would please any palate. Lady Lexis Sweets is not just a Bakery but a one stop Sweet Shop.

Pastry Chef Lexis brings innovative and new twist to traditional cookie and cake recipes. Her signature creations are dark chocolate coconut cookies, rum raisin oatmeal cookies, Guinness Chocolate Cake, and a Six Layer Scrumptious Coconut Cake.

Lady Sharon is the confection specialist and prides herself on creating mouthwatering candy; delicious brittles such as almond brittle, coconut ginger brittle, sesame brittle along with the traditional peanut brittle and handmade chocolate candy. Lady Sharon prepares southern favorites such as banana and bread pudding.

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