Ashley Dikos & Andrew Martinez

Harlem EatUp! : BO's Bagels

BO's Bagels

BO’s Bagels was started in 2015 by Andrew Martinez and Ashley Dikos who were tired of having to travel outside of Harlem to find good bagels. Originally baking out of a shared

kitchen in The Bronx and then selling at the Harvest Home Farmer’s Market on Lenox Ave., the business expanded rapidly and they opened their first shop in early 2017. The name BO’s Bagels comes from Andrew’s children Brody and Olivia’s initials, as well as their dog, Bowser.

We make our bagels daily from scratch and only use the finest ingredients including unbleached and unbromated flour. Using the oldest methods, our bagels take up to 24 hours to ferment before boiling and baking.