Vy Higginson's Sing Harlem Choir

Vy Higginsen's Sing Harlem Choir.png

The award-winning Vy Higginsen’s Sing Harlem Choir was formed out of the Gospel for Teens program (GFT) founded in 2006 by legendary radio personality and producer Vy Higginsen to be the break out choir for The Mama Foundation for the Arts school. Over the years under the direction of Ahmaya Knoelle Higginson and Elijah Ahmad Lewis, the choir has grown to be a highly respected and influential force in the New York entertainment scene, producing not only great vocalists, but top notch global citizens.

Sing Harlem Choir has performed at many prestigious venues, programs and concerts across America including, The Congressional Black Caucus, The Stellar Awards, the Apollo Theatre, New York Fashion Week, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, The TED Talks and the Grammy Awards.