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Cheff’ Rootsie of Veggie Grub welcomes you to the Veggie Grub experience of, “You Won't Believe it's Vegan!”.  Veggie Grub is a Brooklyn, New York based vegan catering company. Veggie Grub is also a Pop-up vendor at numerous events, markets, music concerts etc…  In addition, Veggie Grub offers culinary classes, restaurant consulting and cooking demos.

Cheff’ Rootsie, is the Mastermind behind the Veggie Grub experience of, “You Won't Believe it's Vegan”. Cheff’ Rootsie has developed the concept of, “Flipping Food”, where she makes the vegan version of familiar meals that are traditionally made with meat. Cheff’ Rootsie's menu selections like, “Vegan Shrimp Gumbo”, “Vegan Chicken Salad Wraps”, “Popcorn Tofu Fried Chick'un” and her 2017 award winning, “Shaka-Zulus Cheezy Feet Mac and Cheese” are just to name a few of Veggie Grub’s delectable vegan creations.

In 2017, Cheff’ Rootsie achieved her long time goal of making Veggie Grub an LLC after operating out of her home illegitimately for over 15 years. She thanks  organizations like, REES, SBS, Start Small Think Big and Camba for assisting her with the resources necessary to take her business out of her home and into a commercial kitchen.

Cheff’ Rootsie's passion for cooking vegan food stems from her journey of being almost 500 lbs back in 1996 when she still ate meat. After moving in with a vegan college roommate, she lost over 200 lbs in the first few years effortlessly  by simply changing her diet. Cheff' Rootsie attests that becoming vegan changed the course of her life for the better. Below you will find just a few  noteworthy accomplishments that Cheff’ Rootsie has made during her journey of living healthy and helping others along the way.

*2007-Present/ Cheff’ Rootsie became a “Community Educator” for the East New York Farmers Market. She travels to assigned locations doing healthy food cooking demos that teach children , seniors and young mothers about fresh produce and healthy cooking. 

*2008-Present/ Cheff’ Rootsie started working as a co-host and deejay on a long standing radio show being aired from Columbia University. Her radio show focuses on eclectic Reggae music from the 60’s and 70’s. Her show has over 100,000+ listeners world-wide. Cheff’ Rootsie uses this platform to promote her business Veggie Grub, as well as plant based /vegan events, Veganism and healthy lifestyle options for the listeners. If you are in the 5 boroughs you can tune your radio dial to 89.9fm every Saturday 8am-12 noon. If not then you can log onto to listen live from anywhere in the world.

2015-Present/ Cheff’ Rootsie freelances as a vegan consultant for numerous Juice Bars & Cafes who have a need for implementing vegan options on their menu.

2016-Present/ Cheff’ Rootsie initiated a yearly vegan cooking class series. So far Chef Rootsie has taught over 200 clients how to transition to a vegan lifestyle.

*2016/ Cheff’ Rootsie Graduated from the Food Pathways Program in 2016. This program is structured to help low income persons living in public housing take their food Business to the next level. Not only did she graduate but she was one of the 4 winners of the programs business plan competition and was the recipient of five months complimentary space at Pilotworks commercial kitchen.

*2017- Present/ Cheff’ Rootsie is the reigning “Vegan Mac and Cheese Champion” care of the annual Vegan Mac Throwdown competition by US Vegcorp

*2017-Present/ Cheff’ Rootsie facilitated a  cooking show on Bed Bath and Beyond TV and has been inducted to be a regular chef demonstrating cooking lessons in their state of the art kitchen for future broadcasts.

3/2018- Cheff’Rootsie was awarded a proclamation from NYC Hip Hop is Green in Conjunction with The Brooklyn Borough President's Office. She is recognized for over two decades of work as a vegan activist in the Brooklyn community.

5/2018- Cheff’ Rootsie was awarded the title of, “NYC'S People's Choice Award winner of the Vegan Burger Competition”.

3/2019- Present, Cheff’ Rootsie started another company called, Vegan Ventures NYC (VV NYC). VV NYC facilities events like, Pop-Ups, Parties, Food Competitions, Ski Trips, Bus Trips, etc. The concept it create a community that shares similar interests whom also desire vegan food/ Animal Free products.

3/2019,-Present, Cheff’ Rootsie acquired a prime kiosk location on w125th street in Harlem. The location is called, Vegan Vibz Harlem. The concept behind this location is to maintain a space where a collective of vegan chefs can sell their food on a rotating schedule as an economical opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about Cheff’ Rootsie of Veggie Grub.