Sweet Vegan

Harlem EatUp! : Sweet Vegan

Sweet Vegan was founded by Andrea Young. It grew out of her love of creating healthy and delicious chocolates for people she cares about. "Although for most of my life I couldn't imagine running my own food company", Chef Andrea's journey to doing so began in an Indiana kitchen, learning to cook and bake from her maternal grandmother, Georgia May.

This love of food never left her heart, even as her career as an interior architect blossomed, Andrea became a vegan chef. This reignited her passion to connect with people through the experience that transports them to their happy place- mouth-watering Sweet Vegan chocolate!  

Sweet Vegan Chocolates are hand crafted artisan chocolates made in small batches using only the highest quality organic ingredients. All of her chocolates are plant based, soy, nut and always gluten-free. Sweet Vegan has a unique flavor personality. 

Dreamy Bites- A smooth and velvety ganache blended with robust notes of flavor and dipped in a dark rich luxurious 70% chocolate, such as Energizing Espresso, Luscious Lemon, Spicy Ginger and Midnight Passion.

Sweet Vegan dedicates itself to creating great tasting chocolates from the best ingredients. We eliminate everything that gets in the way of experiencing the true flavor of chocolate and combine real fruit and fresh ingredients. Sweet Vegan Chocolates are for anyone who really loves chocolate.