Rustic Twigs Teacakes

Kiwanis White Rustic Twigs Teacakes logo.jpg

Kiwanis White's experience in the food industry expands more than 10 years. Recently, she has worked as a Brand Ambassador for the Fancy Food Show, the International Franchise Expo and the US Open Tennis Championship, (ACES Restaurant) under the direction of Celebrity Chef Ed Brown.  Her background also includes working as a Demo Specialist for specialty food stores such as Whole Foods Market, Costco and Fairway Market.

It all began with a conversation. While sharing her passion for promoting food products with her great aunt, there she first learned of a family old and forgotten gem: teacakes. Her now 82-year-old aunt and 84-year-old grandmother shared the ingredients of the Southern Teacakes their mother baked for them every day in Georgia. Even describing the Watkins vanilla flavoring. Kiwanis took it a step further and started her small business, Rustic Twigs Teacakes. Surprisingly, the sisters hadn't tasted a Teacake in more than 40 years. Kiwanis created the business to revive her great grandmother's recipe.

Additionally, Kiwanis published her second children's book titled, Pretty Ugly Cake.