Papa Jungle

ADICHIE, aka Papa Jungle, a Nigerian born performer, musician and ASCAP writer and publisher is not a stranger in the music scene.

He has performed in many venues like the Paradise Garage, Tunnel, Dancetaria, Tramps, Pulse, Club Negril, B.A.M. café, Lion's Den, Sugar Bar, Marcus Garvey Park, Floyd Bennett Park to name a few.

His songs have been used by the likes of Latoya Jackson, Grass Root N.Y. Rappers and Cultural Groups. His influences include a caliber of top entertainers like James Brown, Funkydelicks, Fela Kuti, Rex Lawson and lots of African Cultural grooves.

Adichie studied music and acting at A.M.D.A. and has performed Off Broadway plays many decades ago. Among Adichie's collections are two musical plays he penned which were once reviewed by a member of Frank Silvera Writers Workshop and New York Shakespeare Festival Workshop.

Emperor Adichie also has many Singles, LP's, Albums (CD's) and now DVD's. He recently wrote two songs for an AIDS Organization. Finally Adichie was the first African from the continent to write a song about AMADOU DIALLO and was aired in several radio stations some years ago.

Watch out for his current new release coming out this summer.

AFRO JUNGLE JAZZ of New York City: This is a New York City based band assembled by Adichie. The band is blend of experienced musicians with international outlook. They came from different places like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Mali, US, Carribbean Countries and much more.It is a pure mix of Anglophones, Francophones, Americans, etc. The music that comes out is a complexity of this diverse cultural heritages. Hence the emperor calls the groove Afro Jungle Jazz as New York itself is a concrete jungle.