Mille Nonne


Mille Nonne means "One Thousand Grandmothers" and it’s an endearing tribute to the Italian tradition of handing down secret family recipes from one generation to the next.

After living in Rome, Venice and Tuscany, Pilar Rigon moved to New York City in the 1990s with a hand-written recipe book that her mother gave her, and the dream of bringing her family’s culinary traditions to New Yorkers.

Now Pilar and her partner Bernardo Notargiacomo are cooking out of Hot Bread Kitchen in East Harlem and, from their location opening soon in the New Essex Market, will offer revisited Italian comfort food, focusing on selected recipes with amazing quality and delicious taste, both in updated and classic forms, and plant-based versions in a sustainable, healthier and affordable way. 

Mille Nonne is inspired by the cooking of Pilar’s mother – and the food is similarly driven by a desire to deliver a more sustainable and healthier choices – as well as a way to deliver Happiness. 

Pilar Rigon has owned several established and beloved New York restaurants including Il Bagatto, Miss Williamsburg and Portavia.