Mere Viola's Sweet Delights

Harlem EatUp! : Mere Viola's Sweet Delights

From the Big Easy to the Big Apple, Vaughn F. Moore, owner and executive chef of Mere Viola’s, Inc., brings authentic, traditional New Orleans’ flavor and flair to New York City through his amazing sweet and savory selections which he’s branded Haute Creole Cuisine.   From his divine Creole Cocktail Meatball appetizer to the impeccably, delicious Salmon du Nouvelle Orleans entrée, chef applies artistic, flavorfully creative ingenuity to food which mesmerizes the eyes, nose and palate.  One might say he’s an authority when it comes to Creole cooking, being a ninth generation descendent of a long line of Creoles whose presence in New Orleans date back to the early 1600s. 

When it comes to sweets, few can do them like chef Vaughn with his line of custom desserts.  He is a self-taught cake artisan having produced artistic masterpieces for various private and celebrity clientele.  Even the Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio and his lovely wife Chirlane were left captivated by his unique sweet creations.  His newest sweet inventions involve a take on the traditional coconut macaroon which he’s branded Cosmopolitan Macaroons.  These come in an assortment of twelve-plus chic flavors, ranging from key-lime pie to carrot cake, and are only available for order through Mere Viola’s on-line store. 

Chef Vaughn has been featured in a personal expose produced by PushPause news magazine and has showcased his craft at such major food events as the Harlem Eat Up, BCA Global Food & Wine, and the granddaddy of them all the NYC Wine and Food Festival.  He thrives on getting involved with community and works diligently with young students enrolled in the South Bronx Job Corp Academy’s culinary art program.

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