K's European Jams


Hi. I’m Katharina, and K’s EUROPEAN JAMS is my line of artisanal preserves I am making in Harlem, NYC.

K’s is a line of small-batch produced jams, jellies, marmalades & condiments made with carefully sourced seasonal and often local fruit.

Growing up in rural Germany, I've always loved preserves. Our home had a big country garden and both my grandmother and mother made all our jams and jellies at home. Most of the fruit came right out of our backyard and I can still remember the enticing aromas of the summer berries simmering in our kitchen, after we had picked the fruit.

Now I am channeling these sweet memories into my preserves.

After leaving my childhood home in Germany, I lived in Paris, France, for more than 15 years. Here I had the opportunity to deepen my love of the art of preserving, and to discover a world of amazing flavor. I am an alum of the International Culinary Center, New York, and live with my husband and partner, and my daughter, in my Harlem community for more than ten years now.

K’s is all about providing happiness through flavor by respecting and enhancing fruit, while adding some magic and a tremendous love for unique and delicious preserves. I use European techniques, family recipes and add a modern twist to them. My jams and jellies are all-natural and have just enough sugar to make the fruit shine.