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Harlem EatUp! : Knorr Chris Bilyk

Chris Bilyk

Chef Bilyk’s love of food comes from childhood memories of his large Polish-Italian family and eating mussels at his grandparents’ Jersey Shore home. His grandparents are his culinary heroes and he thinks of them every time he cooks.   

A graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, he has worked as chef de cuisine and executive chef at a number of award-winning restaurants in the New York area.  Chef Bilyk has a passion for regional cuisines, including New England, Southern, Cajun and Pacific Rim. His approach to food is to keep it simple and fresh. He recommends grilled fish with lemon and sea salt. One of his greatest achievements is watching young cooks he has mentored become chefs themselves. 

Chef Bilyk works on the Knorr culinary team as an innovation chef and helps turn delicious concepts into new Knorr products.

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