Egunsi Foods

Harlem EatUp! : Yemisi Awosan

Egunsifoods is a Harlem, NY base food company focus on producing all-natural refrigerated African food, derived from classic West African dishes. This is the first all-natural West African refrigerated food brand. Our initial product lineup includes four West African inspired Soup line, an aromatic sauce called Ata Din Din, and a savory black-eyed peas cake side dish called Moi Moi. These dishes are a must have at any West African gatherings and a meal that has a crossover appeal with audience seeking global flavors. Our stock list can be purchase at the Whole Foods Harlem this Summer and other supermarkets in the NYC area, as well as on our website at

'Yemisi Awosan, founder/CEO of Egunsifoods, a Nigerian born by way of New England to New York, moved to the U.S. at the age of 15. Lived in New York for the past 12 years, with a career as a Buyer and later a Financial Planner, which has helped her to hone in on my entrepreneurial spirit and skills. Her stint in New York was suppose to be a five-year run and that was it, but New York has a way of making you stay longer, and right now she is loving it! Her curiosity for food began at a very young age, filled with fond memories of going to the farmers’ market with her mom, or her family growing their own produce, to assisting her mom in the kitchen in the daily meal preparations or observing the men and women in the Yoruba street compound where she spent her early childhood, in the mass prepping and cooking done during many celebrations. 

While away in college, her friends wanted to learn about her culture, and she began to tell the story of her culture through the food she prepared for them and they loved it! Three years ago she made the move to continue to tell the story of her culture to a larger audience by offering personal chef and catering services to corporate offices around NYC. The reviews she received were amazing, her customers wanted more of her food and wanted to know where else they could easily access it, so this lead her to the next step to package her West African dishes. African food can be quite tedious to make, thus began her mission to make it convenient and easily accessible, while telling the story of her culture. Her hope for the future is to see the diverse, flavorful and delicious cuisine of West Africa accessible to both Africans in the diaspora, as well as food enthusiasts. 

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