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Down to Earth Markets is a family-owned business based in New York’s Hudson Valley. For more than 25 years, we have created and managed farmers markets in Westchester, Rockland and New York City. Our mission is to give communities access to the best foods from local farmers and food makers in a relaxed and community-oriented shopping environment. We started the Morningside Park Farmers Market in 2005 at the invitation of Friends of Morningside Park.

In 1991 the company’s Founder, Miriam Haas, started her first farmers market out of frustration at the difficulty she had in finding locally produced food for her own family. Though Miriam operated the market on her own with only two farmers participating, it did well and grew, and nearby towns began asking for help in setting up their own markets. Eventually, Miriam’s expertise in recruiting vendors and running successful farmers markets grew into a business. Since its inception, Down to Earth has recruited only farmers and food makers who produce locally, requiring total transparency from them in their sourcing and environmental stewardship. 

We are proud that over the past 25+ years we have become a leader in creating economic opportunities for local farmers and food makers while helping to build a local food culture, enhance community life and cultivate awareness among food producers and consumers of practices that care for the environment.  In 2014, Down to Earth Markets became a certified B Corporation. With this certification, we joined a worldwide movement of companies that believe business can be a force for social progress. Down to Earth Markets was also designated a “Best for the World” company with a score in the top 10% of all B Corps for overall social and environmental impact.

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