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Harlem EatUp! : Brenda Beener

Brenda Beener

Chef Brenda Beener, known as Chef B, is the Owner and Executive Chef at Seasoned Vegan in Harlem and is a native Harlemite. She trained at the prestigious Celestine Gourmet Cooking School…aka her parent’s kitchen.  Both of them were born in Louisiana, her father was a chef and her mother was known around town for being an excellent cook. That environment allowed Chef B to create her own style and hone her culinary skills from her parents’ Cajun style kitchen.

Seasoned Vegan is the first full service vegan restaurant in Harlem! It’s a black owned business that she co-owns with her son, Aaron Beener. Her unique and highly lawded cuisine, community outreach, and emphasis on love as her main ingredient have earned her praise from The New York Times, The Daily News, The Village Voice, “What’s Eating Harlem?,” ABC 7, and the harshest critics of all, New Yorkers.

Chef B is thrilled to serve celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Cecily Tyson, and Judith Jameson at her restaurant, but says her greatest accomplishment is serving her community.  Seasoned Vegan is committed to ending inner city food deserts and providing affordable and sustainable meals for all. Some of her favorite charitable partnerships have been their Holiday Toy Drive for The HELP Haven, cooking for The United Negro College Fund, and supporting battered women through HELP USA.

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