Mama Pops! Snacks

Twana Adams_Mama Pops_preview.jpg

Twana grew up in Harlem, New York - eating penny candies, coconut slices, candied apples, ices and fresh popcorn made on the stove. We played double-dutch, hide and seek, kickball and stickball until the night lights came on. Back then, Harlem was a village of moms and pops, mom and pops stores, music classes, theatres and so many jazz clubs. She loves the Apollo Theater, the Schomburg Library and 125th Street.

Popcorn has been the main treat in her family since her grandparents first started growing it in Missouri. The summers she spent in Missouri meant hard work in the garden and greenhouse - seeding, weeding, watering, picking and plucking and prepping the vegetables, herbs and fruits. However, she loved the foods her grandma would make from scratch using simple ingredients.

As a educator, Twana stresses the importance of reading food labels and knowing "You are what you Eat! “ She learned too many children (of all ages) only know microwave popcorn. They don’t know the taste and smell of real popcorn. So, she combined her love for healthy food and passion for teaching to create a snack food company, Mama Pops!

Mama Pops creates snacks that are 100% natural. Mama Pops makes gourmet popcorn and snacks that are made with real butter, cheese, maple syrup and other ingredients you’d find in a kitchen. We don’t use any artificial ingredients preservatives, corn syrups, dyes, trans-fats or GMO products. Our snacks are so delicious that we make Mother Nature proud.