Artwork Presentation

Absolut Art is proud to join forces with Harlem EatUp this year to bring some of the neighborhood’s most pioneering artists to the fore. Together, Marcus and Absolut Art co-curated a collection of artworks featuring Makeba ”KEEBS” Rainey, Nick Low & Psychoegyptian that highlight Harlem’s dynamic culture and ever-evolving scene. Exclusively commissioned pieces from these amazing artists were displayed as part of the festival, and are now available to shop at


Makeba KEEBS Rainey

Building community through art; that’s Harlem based artist Makeba’s key focus. Her bright and inspired work explores social justice elements of Black Liberation movements, merging the old with the new by re-envisioning ancestors through new media. In a unique process of cutting, layering and building new forms from original photographs, Makeba asks us to look at contemporary and historical icons from a different angle; to recognize their inherent potential and contribution to Black culture. As she re-imagines President Obama and Malcolm X in African wax prints, she reconnects them to the continent.

Harlem is not only home for Makeba, but the foundation of her creative process. She works to honor the rich history of her home, where she regularly exhibits her art in its authentic context.


Nick Low

In his watercolor paintings and illustrations, Nick captures the dynamic, inherent playfulness of New York City. The Harlem-based artist and designer has a knack for finding and capturing moments of stillness in a city that never seems to stop moving. Where a row of Harlem brownstones meet the sky, or a flock of birds pause to rest on a traffic light; he works to recreate glimpses of the city he calls his life force.

Patrons of Harlem’s famed Red Rooster will spot Nick’s artworks on the walls; from brightly colored illustrations of local characters to his classic watercolors. The NYU BFA trained artist is also a co-founder of the clothing and lifestyle brand “Harlem Poets Society”.



Working under his alias PsychoEgyptian, this New York City local is a visual artist and musician who works to engage radically democratized notions of identity. His drawings and paintings explore high and low culture, investigating their potential to scramble and disrupt prevailing narratives around race and respectability. With an inherent level of playfulness, the artist seeks to strike up dialogues about outsiderness and esoterica in the tradition of Sun Ra, WuTang Clan, Malcolm X, Drexciya and Bad Brains. In creating these conversations, his work explodes barriers between art, fashion and music.

For this, PsychoEgyptian’s art has been exhibited across New York City and his music has seen him tour across Europe and the USA. Marked by high power and visceral energy, his live shows speak a similar language to his visual art: one of challenge and disruption.